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Operating Controls


Special applications


Single button control station:
Momentary type, control circuit 24V. A.C.

Solid state dual automatic closer "timer":
Red and green warning lights (60 watts bulb maximum). If door is closed, push of button starts door up and turns green light on for a preset time. (Adjustable without tools from 5 seconds to 180 seconds). At the end of the preset time, the red lights is turned on for 5 seconds to 90 seconds (adjustable) and the door closes automatically. If button is pressed or any other control used to open door, while door is travelling downward, it will instantly reverse to open position and reset cycle of timer. If door is in the open position and button or any other control used to close door is activated, timer will automatically reset to preset timing.

Toggle switch:
Is provided to cut out timer when automatic closing is not desired, such as in summer.

Limit switches:
Screw type with oilite bronze cams and precision type micro switches for both up and down position. (Easily adjustable without tools within 1/2" (1.25cm) of door travel).

Automatic instant reverse mechanism:
If downward travelling door meets an obstruction, it will instantly reverse and automatically stop at fully open position for your safety and protection. This built-in instant reverse, load-sensing device is easily accessible externally for adjustable without tools.

Reduction system:
V belt, roller chain, steel sprockets are used for efficient, long lasting, quiet operation, rotating on high speed ballbearings as well as self-lubricating, self-aligning pillow block bearings. Door speed approx. .8 to 1.0 ft. per second. (.24m to .3m per second)

Trolley assembly:
Heavy duty aluminium alloy travelling carriage slides on dual heavy angle tracks with full No. 41 push and pull roller chain drive.

Quick release lifting arm:
Will quickly disengage operator from door, without tools for manual operation, in the event of power failure.

Headroom required:
2" (5cm) minimum from door's highest arc of travel.

4'7" (137.5cm) plus door height.

Optional at extra cost "special reverse mount":
3'0" (.9m) plus door height.

1/3 H.P. (.33hp), 120V., 60 cycles, 1 phase instant reverse type of recognized manufacture, thermally protected with thermo overload switch.

Primed with rust-proof primer and spray painted in blue hammer tone enamel.

These operators can be wired to receive radio and photo electric control systems, loop detectors, etc., for fully automatic door operation.

See auxiliary equipment for additional information.


Single push button control:
Momentary contact type.

Plug-in solid state dual timing delay:
Input voltage 24V. A.C. power requirement 2.3 watts maximum, control resister adjustable tolerance + 5%, delta time + 10%, temperature -40oC. to + 85oC. Transient protection 100V. for 100M. sec. Repeatability + 3% maximum, polarity protection: yes. Mounting is an octal type socket base 10 amps., 300V A.C., Terminal: screw type.

Toggle switch:
On and off, normally opens to disconnect timer and keep door open when desired, such as in summer.

Step-down transformer:
120V. A.C. primary to 24V. A.C. secondary 25 V.A. minimum. (24V. control circuit for your protection).

Consists of No. 4L V belt, one 1-1/2" (3.75cm) and one 9" (22.5cm) aluminium alloy pulleys, 41B9 and 41B23 sprockets with RC41 roller chain, mounted on 5/8" (2.05cm) C.R. steel shaft rotating on 5/8" (2.05cm) self-lubricating, self-aligning pillow block bearings. Door speed is approx. 12" (0.3m) per second.

Operator chassis:
Made from 2" (5cm) x 2" (5cm) x 1/8" (.31cm) angles reinforced with steel plates.

Made from 2" (5cm) x 2" (5cm) x 1/8" (.31cm) angles mounted with 3/8" (9.5mm) rod and roller spreader affixed at centre of trolley to prevent chain from rubbing.

Motor starter:
Octal plug-in, general purpose two pole double throw relay 10 amps, 24V. A.C. coil rating, contacts 240V. A.C. resistive 2000V. A.C. maximum, enclosed in type "P" clear dust cover. Octal type mounting base sockets 10 amp, 300V. A.C.

Limit switches:
Screw type with two oilite bronze cams grooved and lock guided in a formed galvanised steel plate, mounted on 5/8" (2.05cm) C.R. threaded N/F shaft rotating on lubricated ballbearings. Cams activate two micro switches to cut power for open and close position of door. Operating force on limit switches 4oz. (113.4g) maximum, contact separation .020" (.05cm), pre-travel .250" (.625cm).

Instant reverse mechanism:
Spring loaded sensing device incorporating a lever arm assembly, No. 41B9 steel sprocket and micro switch. Adjustment can be made externally by turning a thumb screw clockwise to decrease sensitivity.

Control cabinet:
14 ga. Steel box size 8" (20cm) x 10" (25cm) x 4-1/2" (11.25cm) with removable cover for easy service and maintenance, mounted on unit chassis with 4 zinc plated steel bolts.

1/3 H.P. (.33hp), 115V., 60 cycles, 1 phase 1725 R.P.M. ballbearings permanently lubricated, instant reverse type. F.L.A. 6.2, S.F. 1.0, thermal overload protection. Frame 56 rigid type.

Unit is factory pre-wired colour coded and tagged. Wiring diagrams are enclosed with each operator. Operator is pre-run and tested before shipment.