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Jackshaft type (wall mount) residential/light commercial door operator, 15 cycles per hour maximum for overhead type doors with standard lift, high lift, or vertical lift hardware, also for rolling grills.

Both models have an easy emergency manual operation using an electro-mechanical floor lever disconnect, which allows a person to disengage the electric operator from the door and operate the chain host mechanism to open or close door in the event of power failure.

Limit switches will not go out of adjustment or synchronization when door is used manually by the chain hoist.

  • CSA approved
  • Meets National Standard of Canada CAN/CSA-22.2 NO.247-92
  • DC2005 logic controller low voltage circuit 24V
  • Universal mounting left or right
  • Wall lever disconnect device and chain hoist for emergency manual operation
  • Rotary type limit switches, readily adjustable in both directions
  • Adjustable friction safety clutch
  • Motor removable without disturbing limit adjustment or chain hoist manual operation
  • Heavy duty RC41 roller chain and sprockets for final drive, between operator and door shaft
  • Thermal overload motor protection
  • Motor 1/2 HP 115V single phase capacitor run frame 48
  • Thru-beam photo-electric sensor for residential installation on model LDJ is standard
  • Heavy duty industrial control station open/close/stop for model LDJ-3 only


Electrical control cabinet:
Factory pre-wired from 14ga. H.R. steel pre-formed enclosure size 8" x 10" x 5" (20cm x 25cm x 12.5cm) with removable cover for easy service and maintenance. Mounted on unit chassis with 4 zinc plated steel bolts.

Unit chassis:
Formed steel frame assembly is made from 11 ga. C.R. steel reinforced with steel braces and welded together for greater strength. Size: 10-1/2" wide x 20" long x 7-1/2" high (26.25cm x 50cm x 18.75cm).

Both LDJ and LDJ-3 operators utilize one 4L V belt, one 1-1/2" (3.75cm) and one 7" (17.5cm) type "A" steel pulley balanced for smooth operation as primary reduction. RC410 (65) roller chain and 410 sprockets combinations are used for secondary reduction to the final drive shaft of the operator. All reduction shafts 5/8" and 1" are rotating on four 5/8" (1.56cm) and two 1" (2.5cm) precision flanged bearings, lubricated for long lasting operation. Door operating speed approx. 12" (28.8cm) per second.

Safety mechanical interlock:
When floor operated disconnect lever arm is in manual mode, the secondary drive through coupling mechanism is free, permitting door and operator to be independent from each other. This safety mechanical interlock is to protect operator and door when power is restored and push button is pressed accidentally. Limit switches will not go out of adjustment when door is used manually.

Adjustable automatic friction clutch:
4" (10cm) diameter aluminium disc, attached to rotating shaft, to one side of which a 4" D. x 1/8" (10cm x .31cm) non-flammable fiber clutch material is applied. The 7" (17.5cm) heavy duty V belt pulley is compressed by means of a heavy compression spring and nylon insert threaded nut, which are securely locked with 3/16" (4.8mm) cotterpin. Friction clutch system can be adjusted as required depending on door size and weight. Clutch will slip to protect door and operator in case of obstruction.

Emergency chain hoist:
When pulled, a floor operated disconnect lever will free the secondary drive and engage the chain hoist for manual operation in the event of power failure, without having to remove the main drive chain. Assembly consists of one grooved aluminium pocket wheel, one lever arm, one coupling pull cable 3/32" D. x 7 x 19 (2.38mm). Bright polished calibrated chain, wall chain keeper and disconnect arm.

Limit switches:
Screw type friction free "oilite" bronze cams, grooved, locked and guided in a spring loaded formed galvanized steel plate. Cams are fitted on 5/8" x 10-3/4" (1.56cm x 26.88cm) C.R. threaded N/F steel shaft, rotating on lubricated high-speed ball bearings. Cams on their preset travel, activate the micro switches to cut power off motor, controlled in both open and close directions. Operating force on limit switches 4oz. (113.4g) maximum, contact separation .020" (.05cm) termination .25" (6.25cm) quick connect.

Rated for intermediate duty (capacitor run) 1/2 H.P. 115V. single phase, frame rigid 48, 1000 RPM ball bearing permanently lubricated.

Positive lock:
Locking door in the closed position is achieved by a mechanical brake in the operator reduction systems; this will prevent coasting by stopping the door at any position when "STOP" button is activated.

Door cannot be opened manually unless chain hoist is used from interior.
Primed with rust-proof primer and spray-painted in gold-tan baked enamel.

For light commercial application use with operator model LDJ-3 that has open/close/stop functions. CSA approved.

For residential application use with operator model LDJ. Meets National Standard of Canada CAN/CSA-C22.2 NO. 247-92

Three Button Control:
Momentary contact type, open close and stop, fully guarded standard duty 300V A.C. maximum. Screw type terminals. Supplied with model LDJ-3 only.

Single Bell Button:
Supplied with model LDJ for open and close functions.

Photo-Electric Sensor:
Is provided as an external entrapment protection system, standard equipment when used with model LDJ electric garage door opener for residential installation and must be installed as per DOORLEC CORP. installation instructions. If photo-electric sensor is not used operator closing cycle can be achieved only by constant pressure from wall bell button.
For your protection and safety when photo-electric sensor is activated it will prevent the electric operator from closing the door, and will reverse direction of travel to the fully open position.
Radio Controls:
Available for model, LDJ & LDJ-3 will energized the door from inside your vehicle and provide secure means of entering your garage without exiting your vehicle.