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The model RSGO operator is specifically designed to power light-duty residential sliding gates. It provides security, privacy and convenience at low cost. Close and lock your gate, or open it at the press of a button from the safety of your car, eliminating the need to get out in rain or snow. A two-button radio transmitter is available for gate/garage door combination. The model RSGO is so reliable that it will operate in high-humidity conditions and below-zero temperatures. No printed-circuit or solid-state components are used in this unit.

Requires minimum maintenance.

No lubrication needed. Built-in safety-device will reverse gate to open position if it meets an obstruction while closing. ????? approved. .

Additional operating devices are available:
  1. Digital keyless control entry
  2. Post-mounted key switch
  3. Interior single push-button
  4. Radio control
  5. Card key-control entry (wall or post mount)
(See catalogue # E113)


1/3 H.P., 1 phase, 60Hz, 48 frame. Permanently-lubricated bearings, high-efficiency, continuous-duty.

48 to 53 Fd, 120V A.C. Dry electrolytic, non-polarized.

Limit Switches:
"Miniature" lever actuating snap-action SPDT, .250" quick-connect terminals.

Motor Starting Relay:
Bistable. Contact rated at 15 amps, 1/2 H.P., 24V A.C. coil continuous duty rated.

Thermal Circuit Breaker:
Visibly accessible, manually-reset. Interrupt capacity: 10 times rated current. Reset time: 10 - 60 seconds. Maximum operating voltage: 250V. A.C., 0.25" (0.64cm) quick-connect termination.

Class 2, totally enclosed in steel housing 120V prim. To 24V sec. 10 VA.

Unit Chassis:
12 ga. Galvanized steel plate, pre-formed for greater strength.

From motor by a 1" (3.77cm) steel pulley to a balanced 9" (22.86cm) die-cast aluminium alloy pulley, by means of a 4LV-belt, which in turn rotates and output C.R. steel shaft 5/8" (1.60cm) in diameter, riding on permanently lubricated, self-aligning, high-speed bearings. Gate operating speed: 1.0 ft (.03m) per second, approximately.

Gate Operator Enclosure:
Formed steel frame-assembly is made of 16 ga. C.R. steel, reinforced with steel braces and welded together for greater strength. Lockable.

Primed with rust-proof primer and spray-painted in gold-tan baked enamel.

Heavy Duty Solenoid:
Ensures locking of gate in closed position by means of a plunger. The drive system of the operator is locked at rest. In the event of power failure the plunger can be disengaged easily to permit the gate to be opened or closed manually.

Drive Assembly:
Consists of high-quality no. 65 roller-chain, 65B9 idler-sprocket with "oilite" bushing for longer life, and drive sprocket 65B9 mounted in 1" (2.54cm) high-speed bearings permanently lubricated for greater strength and durability.

Shipping Weight:
45 lbs (20.4 kg).

19" (48cm) W, 15" (38cm) D, 13" (33cm) H.

All operators are factored-tested prior to shipment, in accordance with CSA requirements.

Enclosed with each unit are:
  • Wiring diagram
  • Installation and maintenance manual